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Creating a Good Reputation while adding Value to the Community.

Continue the Success Story of Forest of Peace

The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear. – Socrates

Attractive jobs are becoming fewer and further between.

Give Children a Future; become a Tutor/Mentor

Community involvement strengthens team identity, social awareness, creates trust and a good reputation while at the same time adding value to the community.

The journey is the reward

Free-charitable work include unpaid, organized, social work as a personal, community involvement, which is associated with a sacrifice of time.
Responsibility to support membership recruitment, retention, and the organization of new FoP-projects to increase Forest of Peace’s capacity for service, support The Forest of Peace Foundation and its programs, and train future leaders.

Responsibility, for those we work for, and for those with whom we work and in whose communities we live at our locations – this side contains examples of all of these.

Attractive jobs are becoming fewer and further between.

Volunteer 2011: Props to Khun Gung for her volunteer work

Khun Gung
a Volunteer with us in 2011,

now has a high-paying job in the hotel-industry.

Stephan Wiedemann

Stephan Wiede­mann
Adviser: Finan­cial Plan­ning and Man­age­ment

now has a high-paying job in the financial-industry.

‘Human life has an immense value’

An Unforgettable Event for our 1st Anniversary

For most companies, CSR is PR


The selfless dedication of BONCAFE Thailand to young people helps them to obtain a solid education and work in their own businesses.


Sustainability Awareness @ iCTET-EDU

STAEDTLER was recognized at the 2nd Anniversary

2nd Forest of Peace with STAEDTER

Kids act with STAEDTLER

and on this occasion sent three orphans to the worldwide ‘WOPEX‘ exhibition and ‘iCTET-event‘ at the 2nd Forest of Peace / iCTET program by Forest of Peace.

Insight: iCTET mission gives the orphans new prospects for the future with­out con­cern for .. Child Nook five years an orphan — Mother Brain-Eye Tumor

In the future we hope to expand our non-profit (net)work in collaboration with supporting organizations and foundations and to set up a mobile workshop as well as a Childrens Future Day to actively reach children, youths and interested adults of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds.


Without prejudice to the results of the final evaluation, it can be argued that FoP-project has a success story.

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