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FoP – Delegation Drop-in Orphanage Khon Khaen, bring the Future today

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Wonderful day in north – east Thailand. The Madam President sharing here the love for orphans. Children which has been let on the street until they were found. They could laugh and smile. Tomorrow they will become sweets. Thanks for the view and sure, thanks for the work from the humans who caring for the children in all their matters.

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Do you don’t believe that “even” orphans have a right for education? How they can get one of such education? The answer will served by FoP / Forest of Peace.

The FoP – team is very happy to got in contact with the Khaen Thong orphanage in Khon Kaen and the FoP – team is positive arranged in case of getting nine orphans which will be the lucky orphans will be supported by STAEDTLER and will presented in form of certificates on the event WORLD KIDS COLORING DAY on 05.05.2013. This orphans sponsored by STAEDTLER will be get the chance to cultivate goodness which is the advanced education after the school is finished. Bless you! source: Phra Sumangkalo

Forest of Peace missions led by Madam President Kanyapak Preawtaku accompanied by Jens Philipp Thelen drop in orphanages - Khon Khaen, Thailand  .. represent the scholarship program via Forest of Peace

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    This choice of date is symbolic as it is the ‘Childrens Future Day’, which commemorates the declaration of President Kanyapak Pretaku, which led to the formation of the Forest of Peace Community.

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