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Forest of Peace completes another successful World Kids Colouring Day

There’s nothing like sharing a child’s ah-ha moment of discovery in nature. Whether you design a natural outdoor classroom, explore one with a child, or inspire college students to teach a new way, your support provides that special link to whole-child learning. Your work is an investment in children’s futures.


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Forest of Peace brings you together with equally minded people from across the world. You’ll build personal and professional relationships, inspire one another, and be inspired by a beautiful setting, fabulous farm-fresh food, and exciting workshops.

Have a look at this video to learn more the event:

Nature Explore iCTET gift certificates give programs the freedom to plan ahead and designate funds for future outdoor classroom item purchases.

With your sup­port For­est of Peace can con­tinue its quest to make the change that is extremely impor­tant to all peo­ple of this planet. Our envi­ron­ment suf­fers from causes we cre­ated. The time has come to focus on mother earth’s well-being and you get the chance to become an advo­cate to her heal­ing process. Write us for more information.

Our winning masterpieces

Paintings from Real World ‘environment-in art by children’ Program’s;  an international children’s art competition by Staedtler @ 3rd Forest of Peace – World Kids Colouring Day 2013 in Thailand.

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