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Great Significance: UNICEF – Health – Investment in Children – the Best Buy in Global Health


World Kids Colouring Day 2013 – Never-to-be-Forgotten – Staedtler Ceo, K-D Daniel plant a ‘Tree of life’ in Forest of Peace

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Sunday, May 5, 2013 at 9:00am

As world leaders, economists and captains of industry meet in Davos to tackle the health of the economy, UNICEF and partners are looking at economical ways of bringing better health to vulnerable children.

Read more UNICEF – Health – Investment in children – the best buy in global health.

Forest of Peace, to encourage UNICEF and remind on 2013 World Kids Colouring Day by STAEDTLER @ 3rd Forest of Peace. For this special occasion more iCTET-sponsorship’s are awarded.  All details here..

Announcing “World Kids Colouring Day” May 2013 Event

The theme of this year’s event is “Paint Your Future.” Forest of Peace has organized annual education, painting and art festivals simultaneously at various events across several continents.

This year is no exception. 21 countries in all are participating this year. And no matter in which country a child…

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