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Learning World: Still too many Children not Getting an Education

This edition of Learning World looks at the UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which include getting all the world’s primary aged children into school by 2015 Two years from the deadline,

61 million children are still not receiving education.

Forest of Peace
In the Supervisory Board meeting held quarterly, the Management Board reported – as in the other Supervisory Board meeting of the year – about the current situation.

iCTET - Hope for children (orphans)

Forest of Peace provides educational support for childrens to attend  for the voca­tional or higher edu­ca­tion of a child ( orphan). Universities are Involved, with the children being Encouraged to attend schools closest to Their familiar neighborhoods. The support provides school fees, supplies, clothing and a school lunch for each child. Every child comes from harsh conditions, but the support and guidance provided by Forest of Peace affords them to opportunity to gain an education as a key step toward Improving their situation.

To take Part

Actively Take Charge of the Future, Child by Child


education (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

On may 22, 2010 Forest of Peace launched a reward scheme relating to climate protection in which everybody can take part.  Matured, the pro­ceeds of the tim­ber will be used fully for the voca­tional or higher edu­ca­tion of a child of your choice or, if For­est of Peace is entrusted to select a child, any child in need of support.

It would be a mistake to believe that the objective could be achieved without any effort.  Therefore, it is essential to have a strong partner on your side with the experience of many years in project analysis and a strong team for your support.

Forest of Peace-standards: definition of legally-produced timber that describes the laws that must be complied with in order for a licence to be issued; Supply chain controls to track timber from forest operations to the point of exports; Verification procedures to ensure and document compliance with all elements of the legality definition and control of the supply chain; Licensing procedures and issuance of FLEGT licences; and Independent monitoring to provide assurance that the system is working as planned.

For those who have not visited the World Kids Colouring Day

here are some impressions of our activity, theme ‘paint your Future’