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Early Childhood – Properly to face

20th-century event = Hat-trick Thailand

  • I. Children’s University
  • II. 800 mio Trees
  • III. iCTET-EDU for Orphans

Establishment of the First Children’s University in Thailand

How to make science fun is a loaded question.  The quest to entice students to learn and love science is even more elusive.  Somehow these questions have been successfully answered by the Children’s University at Bielefeld University in Teutolab.  This Children’s University was founded by Prof. Dr. Katharina Kohse-Hoinghaus in 1994 with a goal to promote joint scientific activities between junior to senior high school level students and their undergraduate and graduate student research mentors.  The project has been phenomenally successful in raising students’ inspiration in science and in their creation of fun scientific experiments.  The students learned to develop their investigative skill, ask probing questions and search for answers themselves.  The replica of this undertaking has now been put into action in countries such as China and Egypt.
Source: nstdaDeutsche BotschaftDAAD

Thailand, kick started a project to plant 800 million trees nationwide

The Forest of Peace team was there, led by the President to show gratitude to Her Majesty the Queen, whose role in reforestation and tree planting campaigns has been well-recognized by Her idea is to enable humans and forests to harmoniously live together without destruction. The trees to be planted include hairy-leaved Apitong, Siamese Rosewood, Iron Wood and Makamong.

Pure nature in the National Park

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Touchdown for Thailand’s program to plant 800 million trees& FoP starts 800 million for iCET-scholarship for orphans

The golden days are over .. here we go!

The values you created will fade away. We will still be here. You live only at our expense, you’ve done noth­ing — Planet Earth.
quote D. Th. p.p. Forest of Peace

Forest of Peace President Miss Kanyapak Preawtaku was obviously moved and inspired when she declared the 3rd Year For­est of Peace as Children’s Future Day.  During this cross-generational project our first iCTET scholars will be rewarded under the supervision of the committee:…

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Brochure iCTET

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