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Tree Is Weeping God’s Tears

California Parishioners Believe Tree Is Weeping God’s Tears; Arborist Says It’s Just Bug Excrement

A group of parishioners have taken to praying under a tree located outside a cathedral in California because they believe the plant is weeping God’s tears. An arborist, however, thinks differently.

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A group was seen last week gathered outside St. John’s Cathedral in Fresno, Calif. They prayed under a Crape Myrtle tree and asked for miracles, according to NBC’s WPTV. The tree has been spurting a liquid that some believe to be the tears of God. One woman even claimed that when “Glory be to God in Jesus’ name” is said, more of the substance comes out.

But an arborist says the liquid is not “tears” at all, but excrement from aphides, small, soft-bodied insects that suck the juice from plants.

“The aphides will suck the sap,” arborist Jon Reelhorn explained to WPTV, “the sap goes through the aphid and then it is a honey dew excrement from the aphid and it gets so heavy in the summertime that it will drip down.”

“miracle,” according to Catholic doctrine, is “a sign of God’s grace, manifested as a sudden event that defies rational or scientific explanation,” The Economist notes. While this “weeping” tree may not fall under the category of extraordinary, it can still bring comfort to the faithful.


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