Building a Bridge to the Next Generation / How YOU Made a Difference

Towards a New Paradigm for Early Childhood – Properly to face, Education facing value

At he occasion
World Kids Colouring Day‘ @ Childrens Future Day
on May 22th 2013′ Forest of Peace kick off an initiative titled
Education give away or exchange without money only for children
based on an idea of our founder.

The golden days are over .. here we go!

The values you created will fade away. We will still be here. You live only at our expense, you’ve done noth­ing — Planet Earth.
quote D. Th. p.p. Forest of Peace


To be forewarned, even Friedrich Nietzsche in his legacy, “The Will to Power” pointed to a possible “The Revaluation of All Values“.

We make an irrevocable offer to your children, read our FAQ

We guar­an­tee children the financing of all their education and training costs, independent of any currency and stock exchange movements  Are you ready? — Act now and give a secure future

iCTET brochure cover

Activity for Kids! – Plant a Tree – In Your Name – to ‘Children’s Future Day’