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Adopted trees in Forest of Peace

OCCASION: Wedding Gift – Saloni and Anek

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The personal tree

For millennia, a universal companion “The personal life of the tree and common wedding tree are permanent companions in our lives.

An 1847 depiction of the Norse Yggdrasil as described in the Icelandic Prose Edda by Oluf Olufsen Bagge

Tree of Life

For thousands of years there has been a deep connection between the most powerful plant on earth and the people. The “Tree of Life” reminds us that we are always with the roots of our origins – are connected – the nature and our family. It is a special gift for birth, baptism or birthday. For lovers and honeymooners, the “Wedding Tree” and the “Tree of Love” are a symbol of affection and love for each other. Discover interesting and touching our universal companions – the trees …”

Adopt a Baby Tree

A baby shower coming up?

iCTET Logointelligent Child Teak Education Trust – the Wise Gift!

Our plantation teak trees grown for ensuring the educational expenses of the coming generations.

Forest of Peace on its 2nd year anniversary is looking for ‘Friends of the Park‘, ready to adopt one or more baby teak trees and provide care for them. Teak Seedlings for Chok Chai Project Trees can be planted in Forest of Peace’s plantation, the approved extension area. Groups and individuals that adopt trees must commit to being great stewards, which means providing at least one gallon of water per tree per week during the hot summer months. “Tree adopters will receive a free watering tub – grab the water from our pond – to place around the tree and fill it up once a week.”

Adopt a Tree

A ‘Tree Care Flyer’ and basic instructions will be provided to adopters together with a ‘Commitment to Care’ document. The baby trees and shrubs will grow over time and “The Importance of Planting Trees” href=”” target=”_blank”>provide many benefits to you and your neighborhood.

If you’re interested in adopting a baby tree, please email info @ to receive a “Tree Adoption Notice of Interest Form” or act on

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  1. Brilliant – I love teak. We could use so many more and, of course, a host of others. Forests of Peace, tranquility even, and forests for every purpose.
    I talk of this on Facebook, too.

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