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Tell us Your Green Story and Win a free Education..

Forest of Peace-missions led by Madam President +Kanyapak Preawtaku accompanied by +Jens Philipp Thelen drop yesterday in orphanages - Khon Khaen, Thailand  ..

They are two completely different things: Feelings & Heard ?

Forest of Peace is the Story of a 27 years old German Monk Phra Philip Sumangkalo. He is studying ‘Buddhism‘ and the symbiosis of ‘Humankind – Nature’ in an University in Nakorn Ratchasima in Thailand.

We love to hear about your GREEN Story
Let’s see a example on Facebook from Babara Schneeberg, USA – New York

      „Dear Friends, thank you so much for being here in the forest
    and for modeling for us what contemplative living is like. Here is an experience I had one morning not very long ago:

It was the 76th day after Christmas,
in the still night forest,
no train, car horn or critter creating a single sound in the distance,
a thin line of golden red orange light yawning across the horizon beyond bare trees.

I was sitting in the sanctuary
thinking about trees;
how their sap was springing up in them again
and I was tired, so tired of thinking
I closed my eyes hoping to be impressed upon
instead of pressing on.

In this moment I sensed a surge of energy,
a warming sensation rising up on me,
surprising enough to open my eyes.
There in front of me sat the fully rounded golden sun right on top of the horizon and I was in its direct path – gasping!

Soon the thought came to breathe in God saying ‘I love you” to me and for me to breath my …

We want inspiration

On 22th May 2012, the second birthday of Forest of Peace, we are launching a contest on your ideas and stories and your experiences about greening your life. The contest will run until the third birthday of Forest of Peace on May 2013.

The first Price is a Green-VIP package which consists of:

A free iCTET Education Programme for one Baby Orphan on Planet Earth!

Brochure iCTET

a statement in writing

Now let’s hear your story. We can’t wait…