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Life is Not About Having Good Cards, But Also to Play Well With a Poor Hand

Yes folks, we’ve come really far, all channels are hit over “Bad News”:

We asks for the chil­dren of the world:

“What do you want to tell us later, why have you allowed it?

Good Times – Bad Times

More often than not we have said: four years have passed. Forest of Peace has spread the age old message of Phra Sumangkalo: symbiosis of “Environment – Man – Future” revolutionized.

Four and a half years, “Step by Step” daily publications

You think you’re big, cause you walk with a shotgun. I got news for you, your days are numbered son. Why don’t you get yourself a job?

When your kid grows up, do you want him to rob? Heavy D quotes 

Year in, year out Forest of Peace reported based on the given topic: Environment, Trees, Education – especially for orphans in-need. I am not overstating the case when I say that … hundreds talks and everybody to assure how important our work is.

Today: Forest of Peace in-need  

..for more than a years;  everybody worry so much about .. this and that; but..?!

..more: Nobody want to have committed to do volunteering!

In Summary…

  • hundreds even thousands of  troth friends on-channel
  • thousands of likes, and millions of sightings of reporting
  • active in all relevant social networks and publishes its own blog.

Forest of Peace moves mountains

Forest of Peace moves mountains

Forest of Peace moves mountains 2009 – 2013

Furthermore we would like to thank all our supporters. Without your gracious help and dedication it would not have been possible to realize Forest of Peace and all our projects.

For­est of Peace can­not do it alone, we need you to help.

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If you have any queries con­cern­ing this project,
please email to info [at] Forest-of-Peace [dot] org

2011/12/13 Forest of Peace-Report

Forest of Peace concludes that a redistribution of wealth is occurring because the “world economy is strangling itself” in a “collaborative process management.”

We fight against this by
- encouraging young people’s initiative, enterprise and creativity in all fields
- building support structures for private initiatives and entrepreneurship.

The Forest of Peace – team should therefore be congratulated on having responded – on his own initiative but with wide general support – to this concern about the transparency

..last but not least: Forest of Peace need you

Do you like to be involved in work that “makes a difference” or like to identify with the mission of the organization? You may enjoy working in the nonprofit sector. There are opportunities in our nonprofit organizations (503C) as well as non-governmental organizations (NGO) or think tanks. The nonprofit sector comprises about 9% of the workforce, roughly 12 million employees, so this is a large sector. When you are thinking about this type of work, it is important to evaluate whether your interest is in the issue or value or the organization, the scope (international, grass roots, level, etc.), the people it serves, or the role or function that you will take in the organization (marketing role, fund-raising, researcher)