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Designing Early Childhood – a Green Starts From the Inside

If you ever wanted to secure a vocational or higher education for your child or help young parents towards their children’s education, you should read on.

Your contribution today secures an education for
young adult tomorrow.

Forest of Peace – ‘Make it Simple’

  1. Plant a Tree | Green gift | Combat climate change with this eco gift
    • Plant with Forest of Peace a Tree forest gift, the perfect green gift, for a loved one, or yourself, for any occasion, help reduce the negative impact of climate change.
    • Donate tree seedlings to support a orphan in need. Gift of trees donations provide a orphan with a education to help fight poverty and hunger.
  2. Let Them Both Grow Together |Let Them Go Let Them Grow | Watch Them Grow
    • Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him.
    • Let both grow together until the harvest.

Future Now = at harvest (time)

Tree of Education

Tree of Education (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Forest of Peace gives you the means to secure the future education of children you care about and at the same time contribute to a healthier environment (trees are essential components for clean air).

Your investment supports the growth of a tree for 15 years (depending on climate) and once matured, the proceeds of the timber will be used fully for the vocational or higher education of a child of your choice or, if Forest of Peace is entrusted to select a child, any child in need of support.

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