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Angel-For-A-Day, lets grab a cup of coffee, let’s read the news:

Give with your head as well as your heart.

The last quarter of the year, known as the “giving season,” is a crucial time for both charities and donors. Half of the non-profit organizations that participated in a 2012 fundraising survey reported that they received the majority of contributions during the last three months of the year, and online giving peaked at the end of December in recent years.

But at Forest of Peace, we believe that giving should not be limited to a particular time of the year.

Where disadvantaged children can experience the joys of childhood in a safe,  caring and calm environment.

Poverty is the enemy of these children and education the best weapon to fight it

Here and now, Forest of Peace is not asking for a donation for our work, instead we are asking for your generosity to benefit the needy, and in particular the orphans of this world.

If you ever wanted to help young par­ents towards their children’s edu­ca­tion, you should read on.

For­est of Peace gives you the means to secure the future edu­ca­tion of chil­dren you care about and at the same time to con­tribute to a health­ier envi­ron­ment. Your invest­ment of €298 sup­ports the growth of a tree for 15–18 years (depend­ing on cli­mate) and once matured, the pro­ceeds of the sale of the tim­ber will be fully used for the vocational or higher edu­ca­tion of a child of your choice or any child in need of support. A pay­ment today secures an edu­ca­tion for a young adult tomorrow.

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