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Documentary on Asia’s Oldest Tree Planting Festival and an Unexpected Visit

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The Puerto Princesa Model (c) John Gray’s Sea Canoe  

The Puerto Princesa Model 

English: Map of Palawan showing the location o...

Puerto Princesa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Puerto Princesa is one of today’s most important stories – yet little is know about this environmental wonderland outside the Philippines. Back in the ’80′s, Princessa was just like most places – logging, poaching and illegal fishing was rampant, the water supply threatened and the seas dirty. Then, in 1991, the City ran out of water. 

Official seal of Puerto Princesa

Official seal of Puerto Princesa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Unlike other places, Princessa decided to do something, and with the strong leadership of Mayor Edward Hagedorn, Princesa became the example of what we all must do if we expect to save our Planet from becoming a wasteland. Building upon a tree-planting “Festival of the Forest”, Princesa recovered its environment in just one decade, and continues to practice conservation and cleanliness as a matter of civic pride, not draconian laws, so Princesa is as clean as Singapore, but without that “fine” mentality. In Princesa, the entire population is proud to be clean, and doesn’t need a law to maintain cleanliness. 

I first stumbled on Puerto Princesa and charismatic Mayor Hagedorn in 1995. After eleven years I am a verified believer, and now promote this eco-wonderland as a public service. My visits encouraged the local kayakers to approach us to accept a John Gray’s SeaCanoe-Princesa franchise in October 2006. Since so much of Princesa is best seen from the water, I hope you do some kayaking while you are there.
We thank John Gray’s for this great pioneering work

Today, the ICT-specialist & photographer H. Schmid visited Puerto Princesa

to take new pictures.

 Puerto Princesa




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