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The First Third is Over and … Now things are really heating up! | Each Stone Counts!

Were not trying to sell you ideas, we trying to change your ideas – we want to make you see “Smiling Stones

 ‘If Stones Smile’

In den Himmel wachsen

FoP – trees to rise up to the sky

The first third is past, the trees in Forest of Peace are magnificent and grow for your determination, the ‘iCTET program by Forest of Peace - “Early Childhood – Properly to face
More than 5 years grow the trees in Forest of Peace and we had hard work but a lot of fun , some flooding and fire-burst. The first iCTET-orphans grow also under a peacefully and ensured Future. Now we go,  and  ‘Save the Trees’.

It was a great and evocative time with you and the unforgettable great events.

Now things are really heating up! | The trees grow—and branch out

.. in the second period do we need all of you to check-in Forest of Peace, bringing each individual a rock, and put it. Each Photo / stone counts, for the 5th FoP there .. and all WIN WIN WIN

If Stones Smile

Each photo with stone counts, for the 5th FoP there ..  Check-IN

FREE iCTET 2/3 Game ON!


Forest of Peace

The Second Third is the MO(ve)MENTS for the MOMENTUM

Bring your stone, put him where you like in the area of the pond or on the wall, make your Check IN with photo – we take care of the rest’. Only

If Stones smiles

1st CO2 Guard worldwide with GBR attempt by Forest of Peace

You have the Power more children to ensure the training.
With the check in you are automatically invited to the next Forest of Peace Party.

As trees grow, they give you hope and self-confidence,” Maathai said recently. “You feel good, like you have transformed the landscape.”

How do things move? How do they get from standstill in motion? And how to rest again? How are they fast and how slow? When they move in a straight line and when on a curve? From the perspective of these phenomena are recorded and visible through Finissage impressive experiments!

Child Artists See Nature With Different Eyes Now

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Look Ahead | The Land Art movement, which has the gentle approach to nature prescribed, was the model for a summer camp of the children of box| photo credit Heide Gerlach-Hirt 

the MOMENTUM / Putting the Pieces Together | Democracy and Peace

The ‘forms will be shown around the world and in the discovery process which ‘iCTET-scholarship ‘ freely put.

All collected stones are combined, which is great fun and the result, renaissance of  CO2 Guard. Nobody in the world can predict like look the Art;  Your are there!,   show it to the world for generations to come.

We need you, Please get involved and help us to achieve achievement of our goal …… for all childrens all over the world.

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